Designing Your Studio Type Apartment


You might have heard about studio apartments from many people. These are actually new placement designs which are available to singles, students and young professionals. The most important issue with these studio apartments is the lack of space. To bring some change in the look, furniture at the place can be rearranged. However, the idea behind the formation of such arrangements is to give comfort.


Unlike typical houses this living arrangement has no separate kitchen, sitting, dinning and bed rooms. The single room is meant to be used for all purpose and therefore must appeal that way. Similarly, the regular furniture of a usual house cannot fit well in this room since the spacing and lack of rooms is different.


Keeping in mind the design of the studio apartments, the furniture needs to be according to this design. It therefore must not be very heavy, must be maintained easily, occupy less space and be multifunctional. These limitations make it difficult to search and find the right furniture for the studio apartment.


Plan and decide about the number of section that can be made within the single room. Also plan out how you will design them.


You need to make the following sections in your studio apartment; a kitchen, a sitting place, a bedding place and a dinning section. You can remove one or combine two sections according to your need. When remove one or combine two sections according to your need. When decided about these, decided about these, you need to measure the division areas. Look for the right furniture then.


To design a good and workable kitchen, use the corner of the room. Place a cooking table at the corner. Prefer shelves that can be attached to the wall to the cabinets as they consume more floor space or can be inconvenient. To avoid space problem, buy less crockery.


Proper furniture for the studio apartment sitting section is a sofa cum bed. For the dinning you need a table. Buy a folding table and use it in the dinning when having food and in the sitting when needed there. Alternatively, the boxes you might have can be used as a dining table.

The box used as table should be covered properly with a table cover. Get yourself a floating bed or a ceiling bed to consume less space. Have a divider or use curtains to give a proper bedroom look to your sleeping space.

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