Ways to Clean Office Building Gutters

Cleaning the gutters of an office building can be a challenge. It is best to hire professionals for a gutter cleaning Perth. However, if for some reason you’ve taken the task on yourself, there are things you need to remember. Safety is a huge concern for this stuff, after all.


Let’s start with safety. Gutters are high up, even if you’re working on a low-rise office complex.


Your first move is to let people know you’re on doing work on the roof or gutters. This lets them know where you are in case you need help or need to be reached.


Use the right safety equipment. Even if this means spending most of your budget on the right gear, this is an investment that’s essential. Along with this, you’ll probably want a small shelf strong enough to hold the gutter debris in, along with a way to get down from the outside of the building if needed.


For a single-story structure, a step ladder will work fine. An extension ladder is suitable for two to three story facilities. Any higher, and you’re better off working with roof access from the inside or heavier machinery. Orchard ladders are not advisable.


Be aware that muscle fatigue is a primary concern. This is especially true if you’re working with a ladder and alone, rather than machinery and with a team.


An ordinary garden hose, modified with a  pistol-grip, is good enough for low-rise buildings. Just make sure there’s enough water pressure to reach the target areas. You’ll want a nozzle that can adjust the pressure as needed and usable with only one hand.


Once again, for a building that’s a high-rise, machinery or internal roof access would be essential.


A gutter scoop might come in handy. These are used for clearing out leafy debris, which can get into most gutters. While powerful water sprays can dislodge these, a scoop is better if you want to be sure.


Plastic is best because the edge is thin and can bend to fit the bottom. This allows it to get more debris per scoop, as well as avoid scratches or damage. This minimises the risk of increasing the rusting process if you’re working with a steel gutter.


Protecting your hands is also important. A good pair of gloves will protect your hands from dirt, rotten leaves, and whatever animal droppings may be there. Thicker materials can also protect against cuts from metal shards, a risk factor in older buildings.


Cotton gloves can soak up dirty water, so avoid them. Leather lacks manoeuvrability and can shrink when dried. Rubber isn’t durable enough, especially against metal shards. We recommend suede.


Finally, eye protection is also essential. There’s never a guarantee that you won’t disturb something that will come flying out at you. Rats, birds, frogs, wasps, bees, and other critters have been known to make their home in downspouts.


As a bonus, we heartily recommend investing in a gutter guard. You can prolong the lifespan and make cleaning easier if you get these.

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